White Papers that Build Trust in the Sales Funnel

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  • People are often non-trusting. They approach an idea, a product offer or a person with caution – it’s an animal instinct. The reason for this is that they have no idea who you are, what type of company you run or even if you can help them get what they want. This lack of trust can generate negative feelings in a sales person or consultant. They feel it – the lack of trust, and again it’s only human to take a step back and be mistrustful yourself. It’s easy to build a two-way emotion of mistrust.But, it’s your job to show the prospect that they are in the right place. Having a well presented website or blog that immediately informs the prospect about your business and offer is essential to the first step in business relations. So, when you meet the prospect for the first time they will probably have read something about you and your company. A White Paper that is easy to read, informative and engaging puts the customer in the mood for a chat about their own problems and the probability of you helping them solve their problems.
  • Your offer should be the last thing on your mind when you meet a potential client. The first thought should always be, “what can I do for this person?” – then it’s time to ask just one question and just listen. The information you get will be about what they are looking for, what they want. You asked and they are telling you. If they know what they really want, they’ll talk about their lifestyle, they’re desire to develop themselves in business and life – all the information you need to make an excellent offer is hidden within their own needs. Just listen and learn from the client. You can hear it in their speech and their suggestions that they have already been informed about you, they read the White Paper and Case Studies on your website. You are now in the position to ask them about what they think you can do for them.
  • When a prospective client begins to show trust through compliancy, then it’s time to start asking tougher questions. Questions that require a direct answer. You’re going to show them that you can help them get exactly what they want out of life – let’s face it, buying a property, any large investment is going to be a life changer for most people. Investing in software or committing to coaching for their top-people is something they don’t take lightly; they want the best of everything. Your website has informed and entertained them enough to get them moving in your direction. Now you have the chance to bring them into your domain by building trust.
  • The customer is always right; Whatever the customer wants, deliver it. Just remember, many people have a problem formulating their desires. They think they know what they’re after but it comes across to you as a vague idea about a house on a hill with lots of facilities near by, a school and a place for the kids to play. Listen to the way they speak. The need and desire is slipping in and out of their words. You interpret what they say based on how their need fits into what the real world has to offer. That’s the professional you, like a doctor, analysing and listening to the sound of symptoms that cause pain. You’ve got the ability to cure that pain and make life sweet again. If you show them this is who you are, they’ll listen into the night as you show them and let them see how your company can make life sweet and profitable for them. You are listening and asking questions over and again. You keep the focus on them and they’ll feel the trust and the desire building. They’ll look forward to getting down to doing business with you. The trust builds and they see you as the solution to the pain.
  • Getting the client’s attention and keeping it. If you talk about you and your business, and the client appears to be enraptured by what your saying, don’t believe it; they are falling asleep. They want to talk about their needs and find out if you’re the right person for the job. Keeping the client’s attention is about asking questions about what they want, what they feel about an idea offered, why they want the thing, and when they might think about taking action on getting it. This is the information you need to build a trusting relñationship and have a prospect become a solid paying client. Don’t allow their politeness to fool you into being a great talker.
  • Your value proposition and your potential client’s point of view; be clear about what’s on offer. You can have several ideas about housing, flats, commercial property, but the value that you offer to a client is based on what they want. Your Coaching Package, consultancy or investment is going to be tailor-made for them, they told you what it looks like when you were listening to their story; you formulate the Value Proposition into an extension of the White paper that they read on your website or blog. And it will be tailor-made to suit their needs. That’s solid selling, and it works when you have developed the client’s trust.
  • Become a Coach to your Prospect. People like helpers. Don’t push anything, don’t flog second hand cars or make investment promises that you can’t deliver, be a real mensch and help the client get what they want; their first visit to your webpages informed them when they read case-studies, white papers and great content that put them in the mood to contact you. That stuff helped them make decisions about you, before even meeting you, so you’re already a way along the path to a good relationship. Coaches are helpers. they spend their days listening and helping by nudging clients into the right direction, help them think about better things and become more realistic and clearer about reaching objectives. Be that person and you’re going to close sales.
  • Sean P. Durham, Copywriter

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