Two very useful tools that will Help You create better B2B Copy

Good Copywriting needs to engage audiences and let them read without interruptions. Bad writing, sloppy details and missed errors all lead to bad conversion for the copywriter and the client. Below are two Apps that will help you check your Copywriting for problems, audience engagement and basic grammar rules.

It’s always good to use technology that has a real use. I think that these two Apps help you focus on, and therefore remember to check everything about your writing.

Hemingway Editor

The Hemingway App will do what Ernest Hemingway always did with his own writing. It will show you how to cut down on too many filler words, long sentences and rambling ideas and thoughts that bore people.

Hemingway famously said, “Writing is simple. Just write what you feel and then cut out all the juicy parts. What’s left, is your story.”

The app will highlight parts of your writing to show you if you are using too long words. It will also colour code and highlight sentences that are too dense.

It’s a great help, it’ll basically cover all the usual tips of good writing and show you weak adverbs and useless adjectives that you have planted before your nouns.

Using it helps to make you alert to your common mistakes, it’ll sharpen your writing skills to the point where you are focused on good writing and avoiding the fatty paragraphs that turn your readers off.


If you install Atomic Engager on your WordPress site you can use it to score your writing. It’ll check SEO, proofread and help you optimize your content for maximum audience engagement.

Atomic Engager will tell you about bad grammar, spelling and optimization of your content.

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