The World of Politics and Short-Stories

I love Short-Stories. Reading short stories and writing them is a great source of fun and insight. Clearly, Indie-Publishing has allowed the return of these lovely short tales of people’s lives to edge their way back into the mainstream mind of readers.

I’ve written quite a few of them and published just a couple for the moment, but will soon be publishing a collection of “Six Short-Stories of Crime”.

The World seems to be going mad, crazy and unpredictable in all its aspects of politics and everyday life. Trying to figure out how to make a good living with writing, thinking you understand it, then watch as the goalposts begin to shift to the left or right again. It makes you feel like throwing in the towel – but you shouldn’t. Embrace it, what else will keep us sane?

The present state of the Presidency in the USA is mind-boggling. How the hell did that happen?
We all thought it was getting wild when an Ex Hollywood actor became president, but that now, a selfish, pussy-grabbing narcissist who is driven by personal profit can sit in the White House and determine the fate of Millions of Americans, just blows the mind. Thing is, he isn’t in the White House too often, it doesn’t suit his taste like Miami does.

Yet, all this madness is great fodder for writers. Make of it what you will, but you shouldn’t have any problems discovering and writing amazingly mind blowing stories about the world today. Remembering that all this madness is created by those in charge. Those who proclaim themselves leaders.
The Theresa Mays, The Donald Trumps and Boris Johnsons etc, all clearly foundering idiots who have used leverage, money and power-plays to gain the position of leadership. As if it were all just a game that they want to win. Yes, we say life’s a game, but playing with countries and politics that affect individuals, isn’t a game.

Authors have many reasons why they write. I think, half the time they are still asking themselves why they write after answering the question – because the answer never seems good enough. It always turns out to be a selfish reason. That’s inevitable. Most of what we do is selfish, we just hope it will help others. Shouldn’t worry about it though, just look at the beautiful books that have been written by all the selfish authors who refused to give up, or to quit and go to work in a 12 hour soul destroying job, just like they were taught to do by our leaders.

Writing about our leaders is a rewarding experience for an author. Short story or Novel, it’ll work. Right now the World is a seriously screwed up place. It’s very difficult to understand what the hell is going on, how it affects us now and where we will be in years to come. Writers have a task, a selfless task that they are obliged to carry out. Nobody else will do it, study the leaders and watch the shifters and movers until things they claim as victories begin to show the cracks and bends. The flimsy plans of a new Great Britain based on lies to the people. (promising 314 Million a week for the NHS).

I recently wrote a short story about a man who became President of the USA. Ronald Stroud, his first day in office. I named it, “The Orange Office“. It seemed a nice tongue in cheek title for a look at a selfish man who had finally reached his “Peter-Principle” Position in life. The position of work or power that a manager or business person achieves not through hard work and knowledge but through contacts and games. Once in that position, they discover that they are not suitable. They experience their own incompetence and can do nothing about it because they are incompetent.
This is half the problem in the world today, incompetent leaders. People of power who play a game of musical chairs in business and politics. Swapping ownership of companies, price adjustments on stocks, manipulation of economies and putting people into important positions to use them as puppets. Think of the potential for a thriller writer.

What are your thoughts about what’s happening in the World today? You’re a writer, so I’m sure you have a strong opinion about the world around you, tell us what you think in a comment.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more.The juxtaposition between power and self sacrifice provides for many plot lines. Look at Netflix House of Cards and you’ll see what can be done.

    One word of caution though, the old line of the selfish corrupt politician is probably a played out seam. Writers need to reinvent the genre, they need to recreate the character and explore the self sacrificing politicians. In remodeling the literary stereotype of the corrupt politician they may discover something new to say, and Who knows they may even help reset the paradigm. Now isn’t that something worth writing for.

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