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  • Photography, especially Portrait Photography, is a great fascination for me. To photograph what I see in a person and then for that person to confirm that I have really ‘seen them’ as they are, on that day or how they are, everyday of their lives, is a great feeling.
  • Connections happen, a dialogue is in process while two people work together, a few words, an anecdote, silence, lots of body language. People communicate using body language and verbal expressions. Portraiture is a form of communication that helps a person to confirm perceptions about themselves and communicate that to the world.
  • I love the interplay of non-verbal language that takes place when the photographer and portrait-sitter are working together – it’s something so human, so natural, the results of such an interaction express the qualities of humanness. The sitter discovers something positive about themselves. Characteristics that the photographer was able to capture with the lens, small gestures, a movement of the hand or face that you seldom see when you’re looking into the mirror first thing in the morning.
  • All these things are what makes us who we are, if we had the chance to ask half a dozen people a day, what they see in us, we would have our eyes opened to many sides that we didn’t know about before – something solid and positive.
  • I’ve spent my life following and working in artistic area – oil painting, story writing and photography, each medium is capable of capturing something of a person. Right now, I dedicate my time to photographing people in order to find the best in them and show it to them.
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