Sean P. Durham Photography Berlin

Photography captures a moment in life. These days, the camera has become a basic accessory of most people. Their mobile phone is a camera, the quality is good but the lens is basic.

I use canon cameras and lenses. Sometimes I’ll take a shot with my mobile phone and see that it was worth it.

The difference between good photography and basic or bad photography is how much thought and effort, how much knowledge and study has gone into understanding how to create an image that really captures what you see, and what you want.

These are just a few of my photos. I’m always adding new work as time goes by.

Florian G. by Sean P. Durham Berlin 2017

People Portraits 2017

People Portrait Photos and Others as sketches

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Lamppost with photo of cigar smoker from Sean P. Durham

Objects and Colours in Berlin City Photos

Things that catch the eye

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Balthy Moody Sean P. Durham Berlin 2017

Cats around the house

Cat Photos Berlin

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Photography by Sean P. Durham

Berlin Streets and its People in Photographs

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