NaNoWrMo and what Now?

The Rhythm and the Pain After “NaNoWrMo”, if you have just spent November in a tornado of 50,000 words, you must feel very satisfied and pleased with your efforts at […]

Writing Dialogue in Fiction

Think of where the Conversation is going to End Many parts of writing fiction contain the same goal. Where will it end-up and how do you get there as a […]

Writing about the City in Fiction

Fiction writing deals with Characters. Normally we think of people immediately and then we put them into scenarios which suggest certain locations. When we write about those locations they tend […]

Books for the Weekend or Anytime

Books not be missed Irvine Welsh A very tough and gritty, thought provoking Novel by Irving Welsh –  , Skagboys, Trainspotting , Filth and Glue to name a few. This is […]