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Portrait Photography is an art and skill which is directly related to the old masters of oil painting.

As they once captured those special moments between families and individuals who cherished the experience of life with all its colours and joys, so also, the portrait photographer continues this tradition, enabling you to keep and record your most treasured moments of life.

As an individual or family, you can have and keep beautiful photo portraits which serve as reminders of the unity of family, the dignity of self.

Sean P. Durham 2018 SP_ Berlin

Portraits of Individuals and Families Berlin 2017

Portraits of Families and People

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Mr F. - Berlin (C) Sean P. Durham

People and Colours in Berlin City Photos

Things that catch the eye

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Balthy Moody Sean P. Durham Berlin 2017

Cats around the house

Cat Photos Berlin

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Archway in Berlin - 2018 Sean P. Durham Photography

Photography by Sean P. Durham

Berlin Streets and its People in Photographs

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